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Politecnico di Milano

Politecnico di Milano ( is a scientific-technological university which trains engineers, architects and industrial designers. The university has more than 45000 students and more than 1400 faculty members. The University has always focused on the quality and innovation of its teaching and research, developing a fruitful relationship with business and productive world by means of experimental research and technological transfer. The results about European funded projects are available at . Politecnico di Milano is the top Italian university for projects funded by the European Commission in the context of the H2020, with 347 funded projects (>100M€).
Francesco Scotognella is currently leading a group that includes 3 postdocs and 4 PhD students. Such group works on: i) the photophysics of nanostructured heterojunctions; ii) the fabrication and characterization of infrared solar cells based on hot electron extraction; iii) the fabrication and characterization of photonic structures. The group works mainly in the Femtosecond Laser Lab. and ARCO Lab of the Physics Department. The instrumentation of the Femtosecond Laser Lab. (Dept. Physics) includes 3 fully equipped laboratories for ultrafast spectroscopy in ultraviolet, visible and infrared sources, based mainly (but not only) on amplified Ti:sapphire systems. The temporal resolution of experiments can go from hundreds of femtoseconds to few femtoseconds. Moreover, ARCO Lab. includes a wet lab facility with fume hoods, glove boxes, dry boxes, spin coaters, evaporators, profilometers, spectrometers, external quantum efficiency and solar simulator.


Francesco Scotognella

principal Investigator

Francesco Scotognella is associate professor in Physics at Politecnico di Milano, since 2018. Since 2012 he is affiliated to the Center of Nanoscience and Technology (Italian Institute of Technology). He studied at Università di Parma and Università di Milano-Bicocca, where he got the PhD in Materials Science in 2009. In 2008 he has been visiting scientist at University of Toronto, in 2013 visiting professor at NTU Singapore and in 2016-2018 visiting scientist at Berkeley Labs. He has been post doc in the EU Project Photo-FET (FP7-ICT-248052) at Politecnico di Milano. From 2011 to 2018 he has been tenured Assistant Professor at Politecnico di Milano. He is studying the photophysics of nanostructures and the optical properties of photonic structures. He is coordinator of SONAR, EU MSCA RISE project, and principal investigator of PAIDEIA, ERC 2018 Consolidator Grant ( He is associate editor of Optical Materials (Elsevier).